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What is stress: how faith confessions and affirmations can do damage.

A short video on how affirmations and faith confessions can actually do more damage than good.

If you have been a self help junky and done all the things you were supposed to do but didn’t get results, here are some insights for you.

If you are feeling stuck getting Emotional Coaching can help you identify and move past past disappointments.


What causes Post Traumatic Stress Disorder?

Let me be upfront by saying I am not a therapist or a trained counselor. I am a coach. However I do have almost 17 years experience helping people with their physical and more recently, emotional health.

In my previous house if I ran the dishwasher and the toaster at the same time it would blow the fuse. When that happened I would simply walk into a garage and reset the fuse. The electrical system in the home simply couldn’t handle the load. When the fuse blew I didn’t try and rewire the whole house I simply reset the fuse.

When people experience stressful situations sometimes they blow a fuse emotionally. Unfortunately they are often given drugs and told they need to talk about what happened. Sometimes this helps and often it does not. Through my experience I personally believe that if something took a short amount of time to mess you up emotionally it shouldn’t take a long time to fix.

Many of my clients have exhausted all other options before they come to see me. Please see the “testimonial” link for some of their stories.

Your body is designed to reset the emotional fuses that you blow, quickly and effectively. All that is required is to accurately identify the fuse and apply the proper technique to reset it.

If you would like more information on how “Emotional Coaching” can help reset your fuses please call me for a FREE initial consultation.

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Effective EFT (Emotional Freedom technique)

Emotional Freedom technique (also known as EFT) is quickly gaining acceptance world wide as an effective method of releasing negative emotions and replacing them with positive ones. Negative emotional issues can have a profound impact on every aspect of someone’s life. Mental health, physical health, financial health and relational health all can suffer.

EFT tapping pooints

There are a huge amount of FREE resources designed to help you learn this technique. Many of them can be found at www.emofree.com. The only issue I have with EFT is that people are often simply using accurate guessing on which negative emotion is causing the problem. To optimize EFT usually requires extensive experience and a certain gifting for this type of work. certainly many newbies can get life changing results, but many are often disappointed.

EFT plays a very important part in the emotional coaching that I do. However instead of “guessing” what negative emotion you are dealing with, I use muscle testing and DR Brad Nelson’s “The Emotion Code Chart” to accurately test for the proper emotion. Often the accurate emotion is much different than I would have guessed and the results are quick and effective. Also I have found that using the techniques in the book “The Emotion Code” allow you to reset a trapped emotions quickly that would otherwise have required extensive “tapping” that may not even have worked. What can take many rounds of EFT can often be effectively released in 60 seconds with “The Emotion Code.”

Bottom line is that EFT can be incredibly effective by itself. If you are having problems getting the results you want you may need to have testing done to accurately find the correct emotions you are dealing with or you may need to incorporate other synergistic techniques to get the results you want.

I am happy to do a FREE initial consultation over the phone to answer all you questions so you can find out of have a coach in your corner would be helpful for you. Call me on my cell phone 817-729-3017.

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Weight-loss made easier with Emotional Coaching

Ever wonder why weight-loss and exercise is so easy for some people and so hard for others? People often have emotional set points regarding their weight and health that they are unaware of. When an effort is made to move away from these set points tension is created to pull them back to their comfort zone.

This short video discusses how Emotional Coaching can identify these set points and remove or change them so that it becomes much easier to make the changes necessary to have the healthy body you want.

Video Review of DR Brad Nelson’s book “The Emotion Code.”

Here is a video review of the book “The Emotion Code” by DR Bradley Nelson.

If you are having a hard time implementing what the book talk about consider a coaching session. I do 2 coaching appointments  day and i have several years experience implementing “The Emotion Code.”

Several years ago my mother in law gave me the book. After practicing on myself, family, and friends the results were so life changing that my Emotional Coaching practice was born.

If you feel that life has caused you to “blow a fuse.” and you aren’t sure how to reset it, this book could be your answer.

For some people it is much easier for someone to coach them through the process. if you are interested in finding out more about coaching check out: www.kellerhealingartscenter.com

You can buy the book or sign up for his seminars here: http://www.drbradleynelson.com/events/

Better deeper sleep through glutathione

In the past year I have been amazed at how many people don’t sleep well. I suppose while all of you people have been tossing and turning I’ve been fast asleep. Although for me waking up refreshed was another issue. I suppose I just need to do a liitle research to find out that sleeping medications are a huge business. With Ambien alone doing $2 billion dollars in annual sales.

In Septmeber 2008 my friend called to tell me about a new supplement that helped increase glutathione in you body. Since he was a good friend and he and his wife had owned a million dollar a year naturopathic practice in Denver I decided to check it out.
After watching a short video, my mother (sitting on the couch behind me) said she wanted to try it. Why I asked? She said that she didn’t sleep well and none of her friends did either. I called my friend back and had him send her some product. Within in days she was raving about how well she was sleeping. In the past year of sharing this product with other’s I have seen this benefit over and over again.

So the question is why? I will share my educated guess with you since there doesn’t seem to be any conclusive research in this area.

Solving your pets emotional issues

Is your pet acting crazy and making your life miserable? Here is a potentially easy and effective solution

Anyone who knows me knows I am a complete nut for my dogs. Many of my friends are starting to call me “the dog whisperer.”They also know that I like some cutting edge alternative therapies and modalities (or weird, nutty, scary etc depending on your perspective). Personally I have always been willing to try many things and see if they actually work.

About 2 years ago, after playing around with a few techniques, I started formally doing “emotional coaching.” at my friends insistence. It involved using several techniques that the average person can learn. It can be simply described as a method of identifying and resetting the energy of certain emotions, with the idea that some experiences can blow a fuse emotionally. If you can accurately identify the exact emotional issue (using this and this) you can also easily reset it. (Using this and/or http://www.emofree.com/)

I had a blast using it on friends and family. It was especially fun to accurately tell people what their issues were instead of them telling you what the problem was. I told one friend that he had a trapped emotion of overwhelm from when he was 23 and he explained that it was the first time he killed someone in the military. When we released this emotion, the change in his life was significant and dramatic.

But how does this apply to animals? Let me give you an example. About 6 months ago my sister got another golden retriever to keep her other golden company. She called me distressed because the dog was driving her a little crazy. I did some testing for her dog over the phone. I told her I thought her dog had a heart wall emotion of jealousy from 2 years ago, and released it for him. I had no idea if this was accurate and neither did she. I told her to keep me posted on how the dog was doing. Several days later she called to say that not only was the dog doing much better but she had a talk with the previous owner. She asked the owner what the dogs history was and the owner replied that their daughter had gotten a little fluffy dog 2 years previously and quit paying attention to the golden retriever that my sister now owned. Very strange and very cool at the same time. I also used this technique on a friend’s mastiff who was scared of strangers. She is now doing much better.

To recap these techniques can be easily learned if you have an aptitude for this sort of thing. First buy this book. If you have a hard time learning the “muscle testing” techniques in the book you may need to use this method. For additional fine tuning I use EFT and there is a massive amount of free resources available here.

If learning and applying this seems overwhelming, I am also available for consultation.
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Reviews from past clients can be seen here.