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Nerium EHT testimonials

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Developed after 20 years of research at Princeton University. The patents are owned by Princeton, licensed to Signum Biotech, and marketed by Nerium International.

This breakthrough product promises to radically improve mental clarity, focus, memory, sleep and energy.

Here are some stories I have recently collected:

My inlaws results

My kids results

Special needs son hugs his mom

My results with workout recovery


Someone’s 90 year old Momma

Amazing Audio Testimonials with a Doctors opinion (stories start at 20 minutes)

Marcella Foster Steve: the following members on our team have amazing stories!
Dena Harmon Martinez young daughter struggled with school, transitioning tasks and focus. After 3 weeks of EHT she has shown Wonderful focus and behavior improvements.
Denas neighbor Kim has a 4 year old son who couldn’t speak or make eye contact and after 10 days of EHT said his first words in 2 1/2 years.
Marcee Arnold Huff 14 year old son struggled to sleep, read and focus in school. After 1 week of EHT he’s Sleeping through the night for the first time in his life, reading very well and more confident, talkative and outgoing.
Andrea Duffin and Paul Ford Duffin Paul struggled focusing, completing tasks, sleeping well and felt in a fog. Now after 2 weeks of EHT he’s sleeping better, able to focus, completing tasks and focused.
Phil Foster his father has not been able to complete a visit without repeating stories, searching for words and losing track of his place in conversation. Now after 3 weeks of EHT he’s finishing stories without stopping, remember details clearly and recalling events.
Cerena Glover Foster her friend Burt recently has not been able to remember what he has been doing or what to do next for nearly a year. Now after 30 days of EHT he can remember what he’s supposed to do and doesn’t forget what he’s in the middle of doing.
Teresa Oden use to have aches and pains during the seasonal changes of the year as well as feeling exhausted and drained. Now she’s focused and full of energy and doesn’t have aches.
Marcy Quist Knopf has lost a dress size or more, no longer struggling with eating triggered by emotions.
Lorna Hayden Amanda Renius have testimonials too! The tip of the iceburg!
Michele Mock …(life changing incident)……… Since that time my son has struggled with short and long term memory loss as well as focus problems. With the help of recall tools such as using recall triggers, repetitive learning and a good bit of one on one help he completed high school with exceptional grades. He went on to college and realized fairly early that the massive amount of information and speed of moving through the material was a huge struggle for him as he fell further and further behind, he decided to drop his classes. He is the oil lube manager at a five star dodge at this time and before EHT he had to carry a notepad in his pocket and write all filter, parts, type of oil, etc on that pad. After about 3 wks of EHT he came home on a Saturday afternoon and said “mom I think this EHT is working” I asked why he thought that and he began to tell me about his day. He said the day started like most Saturday’s, very busy, and he did his normal which was to write down all the info he needed then go to the area to pull the filter/parts he needed for that job, he looked across the rows of parts found the one he needed and went on about his job. After completing the job for about 3 cars he realized he had not taken his notepad out of his pocket since writing the info for the first car, yes at this time I am in tears and so full of excitement I can hardly contain myself. For the first time in 7 yrs I saw the realization and hope that things could be more normal in my sons eyes where his memory was concerned. He is returning to college in the fall as his motto through all of this has been to never give up, but thanks to Princeton university, Nerium and EHT he not only has extreme improvement in memory and focus but his self confidence has sky rocketed and the realization that he can and will be able to finish college is overwhelming!!!!
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Day 3. No hot flashes. No longer need my reading glasses. Incredible memory (full recall of 15 yr old address with apt. # and zip code), no need to write notes rather remembering details, reading focus drastically improved, sleeping like a baby, boundless morning energy, colors brighter, hearing sharper. Think “Flowers for Algernon” or “Limitless”. ‪#‎eht4ever‬‪#‎eht4life‬

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I got the BEST call today from my aunt who said that today was only Day 4 for grandma on EHT but she SWEARS it is made a WORLD OF DIFFERENCE already!!! That Granny is NOT repeating herself, carrying on fluid conversations & remembering things MUCH better than normal!!!! She said if this is working like this on ONLY DAY 4, she cannot wait to see what effect it will have on her on Day 30 or so!!!!

Day 4 of NeriumEHT:

As my days have progressed I have also noticed the quality sleep I am getting. I wake up feeling refreshed and energized to conquer the day. My energy levels are a constant with my focus clearer than ever.

Reading last night before bed, I realized I read close to ten pages without getting distracted. This is huge for me as I could barely get through a page without being distracted. When I say I have ADHD, it’s extreme ADHD and distractions are a constant in my life.

Looking forward to the further progression and hearing other success stories with this all natural product!

Day 1 –

Felt the initial kick in about 20-30 min after taking. Then, I felt a focused feeling. I also felt something like a slight headache. But later, when I arrived at work for a couple hours, I remembered thinking to myself: I am really feeling clear and focused. I work in a stressful environment. Usually that stress gets to me when I come into contact with other stressed out people. But this day, I was able to recognize their levels, but mine was unaffected and was able to face that stress and not be stressed, if that makes sense. I just felt like I could overcome whatever problem there was. Usually, I would just get frustrated.

Later at night, I passed out for the evening very easily. And I woke up the next morning feeling refreshed after sleeping like a baby. Today (day 2) here I am writing to you good folks. Today I have accomplished some tasks that have been hanging over my head all year now. All I can say is this stuff is amazing! Will report back as time goes on

I woke up at 630am Friday morning fine. I took the second pill at 7:15am; drove to work, parked my SUV at 8:00 and walked a block to my office. As I was walking, I noticed a difference in my brain-for real! Normally at that time of day, I’m sleep walking bc my body knows the routine. But this morning and most of the day, I felt clarity or like alert. My vision (I wear multifocal lens) was clearer and brighter. I’m smiling all day bc I’m happy that something is going on in my brain! LOL
It’s day 2 and I took the 3rd pill (I’m taking 2 per day to get a ‘jump start’!). How do you feel?
I have not slept well for years a typical nite for me is sleep 3 hrs wake up toss and turn and maybe get 2-3 more off and on but not always lucky enough to get any after first 3, until last few nights, last nite slept 8 hrs solid!!😋

So I’m gonna be honest and tell y’all I have been on Thrive for 9 months. I fell in love with it within 3 days of use. As soon as I got wind that we were coming out with something for internal ingestion I started unloading my stash of Thrive on EBay but I held on to enough for me to continue to take it for several months.
I stopped taking Thrive supplements about a week ago, I wanted to get it out of my system before taking EHT. I began to notice hip pain coming back and was getting headaches daily.
I’m happy to say the first night on EHT I had no hip pain and I slept like a baby! Day 2 I feel a total sense of calmness (normally very anxious) and NO headache!
Bye Bye Thrive the rest is heading to EBay!!!😄

Day 3. And another day without a HOT FLASH!!!!! Yippe!!!

Day 2 for me. I was up early and pretty much was the noticible abcense of brain fog. Slept very good and I didn’t realize I hadn’t finished my normal tumbler of coffee! So I brought it with me and finished it at work. The most impressive part was I remembered I had forgotten to take a package with me and went back to get it! Generally I would have driven off w/o it. smile emoticon Ha! I remembered that I forgot!

I usually wake up feeling a little tired (I have 5 kiddos who keep me running 24/7). I’m on day three with EHT and today noticed I woke up with much more energy than normal, not groggy, and not tired, just ready for the day, I love this stuff!

I’m on day 2 of EHT and I would like to report that I feel like I just got prescribed a new pair of glasses. Everything seems more colorful and defined!

Good morning all.
I am a 36 year old mom that is on day 3 with EHT. I have (multiple health issues) While I know this not a cure all I wanted to share an exciting part of my day yesterday. Normally, high stress sends me to bed ridden for days. Yesterday, I graduated college (started at the end of my military career). Yesterday, I thought the excitement and positive stress would put me under the table. BUT… I not once lost train of thought, no pain and loss of feelings in my limbs, no hot flashes, I walked in heels the whole night with limited swelling. I went to bed easily and woke up like a piece of toast in a toaster. I feel great. I can’t believe it. I feel great. I will not anticipate every day to be great but 1 week ago yesterday would have gone from wonderful to miserable fast.
I am so excited for this new future.
Sorry it’s long but I needed to share!

Day #3 of EHT
This product is beyond Amazing, My focus and clarity is more like a Eagle.
Less than 5 years ago I was starting my new career as a Insurance agent and couldn’t pass the Ga licensing Exam. I can now understand what I am reading and not just reading words. EHT will help many people who suffer from similar challenges.

 Standing in line at Kroger. Made it through in one trip around the store. Yay EHT!

Trish Donahue

On my fourth day. I slept a complete 4 HOURS WITHOUT waking up!! Haven’t done that in about 9-10 years now. I’m up every 45-1 hours. Longest I’ve gone before was 2 hours.

Mark Anthony Osborne
I am!
Day 1 good energy & focus (more in my journal)
day 2 great sleep, energy all day & alertness with lots accomplished!
Day 3 is today and I’ve done more in my day since 5:30am than I have in weeks!

Janice Scott
After 3 days I am definitely sleeping better, energy seems increasing AND I actually have remembered the names of the 3 people I met earlier today. This is a big deal! I am all for EHT!!

Nany Pickett Rister
Same here. Best sleep in years. Calmer. Peaceful. Only my fourth day but I do feel more focused.

Shirley Carroll DeWeese‎

I just want to post about the changes I see in my own issues. I have suffered for years with ‘thyroid brain fog’, complete lack of energy and have never in my life been a morning person. I have had a long time rule about not expecting me to converse until I have been awake for an hour and had 2 large mugs of coffee. I have also been a lifelong insomniac…as far back as I can remember, even into childhood and I will be 59 in a few weeks. For the first time ever, I am able to sleep soundly. So soundly, that when my husband fell out of bed last night, it did not wake me up. (I took the bed frame apart preparing to move and he apparently used the side rails to lean on in his sleep). I now wake up on my own and am awake, rested and energized..and I have not snapped anyone’s head off in days!! I have energy all day and can think clearly. I am amazed at how much I am able to accomplish physically and still not be exhausted at the end of the day. Prior to starting EHT, I could not wash a sink of dishes without taking a sit down break in the middle. I have changed nothing about the way I eat or what medications or supplements I take, other than adding EHT in the morning.

If you have experienced some benefits yourself please comment below: