3 Way calls to build your Nerium business: How and Why

We have so many people in our wonderful Nerium family who have never done Network marketing before. I would like to have a very clear discussion of the 3 WAY CALL.

Often people come into this business and the view the 3 way more like the used car salesman forcing you to talk to their sales manager (yuck) instead of a good friend of yours introducing you to another friend while you are both at a party (perfectly natural).

Since it feels weird/awkward many people avoid it and focus on other parts of the business.

In our business there is a saying: “3 WAY OR FADEAWAY.” This means that if someone doesn’t do 3 way calls they will find success to be strangely elusive even if they are doing almost everything else right. After a period of time the frustration and disappointment slowly overwhelms their initial excitement and they work less and less on their business until they are gone.

I don’t have anyone in my business having any decent level of success who doesn’t do 3 way calls. If you don’t do 3 way calls and you qualify for your LEXUS you will be the first. Maybe in the entire company.

Not sure how I can lovingly make that any clearer. Doing 3 way calls is a step in becoming a network marketing professional. If you want to get paid more than hobby income then make use of the many resources available to you until you become a pro at it.

If you now love doing 3 way calls share some tips with us. What do you say? How do you set it up? Give us some examples of it working for you…


  1. #1 thing. NEVER ask for permission. Be a leader and calmly tell them that your friend has an amazing story you want them to hear. Hold on I think they are available now… CLICK
    • Wendy Bordelon Hoag I did earn my Lexus without 3 way calls but it did hurt me and a lot of my downline in the long run because I didn’t teach them what truly works but Im not giving up and started 3 way calls before Christmas and will continue you do them now. Listen to anyone who says to do the 3 way calls. It’s to help you and your downline!!!
      Steven Keller According to Jeff Olson if someone isn’t using the proper philosophy their business will top out at about 50 people. Wendy Bordelon Hoag is now learning to tell the difference between what works and what networks 

      Wendy Bordelon Hoag
       He is so right, I topped out at a little over 50 without 3 ways!
      Elaina Letizia Kinosian I just always say I’m not good at answering questions about the comp plan or I don’t have a cosmetics background but my fiend does so I’m going to introduce you to her.
      Wendy Bordelon Hoag Steven, you are so right! I was frustrated and disappointed but I have my excitement back and will do these 3 way callings now. Don’t learn the hard way like I did!!! If I had to do it all over again that would be the number one thing I would do. Put it # 1 on your list!!!
      Steven Keller If everyone doesn’t know Wendy Bordelon Hoag has been occasionally the #1 PC enroller in the entire company. She clearly knows how to sell Nerium all by herself…
      Angelia Guntharp Carrigan I say, “hey while I have you on the line, Im going to connect you with one of my partners in the business. I want you to hear their story and results with Nerium and then I’m going to let them answer any questions that might arise. Hold on just a sec”
      Steven Keller Perfect Angelia Guntharp Carrigan! They know exactly what is about to happen. Calm and Confident.
      Angelia Guntharp Carrigan Sometimes I say, “we really are committed to walking with you if you choose to do Nerium and one way we do that is to introduce you to friends on our team and let you hear their story. I have one waiting to meet you right now!”
      Steven Keller If someone is thinking about doing Nerium as a business one of the main things they need to do is meet their potential business partners!!!! This is a TEAM sport 
      Angelia Guntharp Carrigan Other times I say, “I have a friend of mine in the business and you guys have similar stories, they would love to connect with you real quick. Hold on just one sec”
      Jennifer Bailey I did not do them at first and learned VERY quickly that if I wanted my business to grow to a large income, I was going to HAVE to get out of my comfort zone and start doing what the leaders were telling me to do. 
      I know look for ANY and EVERY excuse 
      I can to put them on the phone with someone else.
      Honestly, after 20 months in, I can probably answer just about any question thrown at me, but I NEVER do. I always find a reason to put them on a 3-way:
      “Oh, you want to know what’s in the product and why it works? Meet Monica!”
      “Oh, you are a guy? Let me let you hear from a guy’s perspective! Meet Randy”
      “Oh, you are a young busy mommy? Let me connect you with a sweet stay at home mommy of five who runs a farm too! Her story is fabulous! Meet Noelle”
      “Oh, you are super into natural stuff and own your own health food store? Meet Steve!”
      “Oh, you have been in Network Marketing for years? Meet Carl!”
      “Oh, you are 21 years old and looking for a way out of the usual struggles? Here, meet Hunter!”
      And LASTLY, 
      “Oh, you really don’t want to talk to someone else? Here’s why we do it! If you are gonna think about doing this business, it’s so important that you meet and connect with the people who will be YOUR support when YOU have potential prospects! Let me just walk you through what it looks like. No pressure, just connecting and hearing some amazing stories! I promise! Meet _______”

      JUST DO IT, y’all.
      It gets easier every single time.
      PS. I’ll bet someone did a 3-way call for YOU when you were a prospect!

      • Abby Elizabeth McCarty I try to get someone to be the expert that the prospect will relate to! Whether that be in interests or merely age. & then don’t make it a big deal! “Hey I have this really cool friend and they have such an excitement for this opportunity and I would love for you to get to meet him/her! When’s a good time that we could chat?” And then be extremely open to the time that they choose to talk! (:
        Steven Keller One thing I did initailly was to text several people in my upline “3way” while I was on the phone with the prospect. Whichever upline responded YES I would do the three way with them on the spot. It provided a very fluid and quick way to do the calls and get people signed up.
        Jennifer Bailey Also, this is BIG… Here’s what I have recently started doing: 
        I set up the call via text telling them that I want to “follow up and get all your questions answered”
        We agree on a time… 

        THEN I text them about 30 minutes prior the the set call time to confirm call and THEN when I have confirmation, THAT’S when I say, “By the way, when I call, I’m gonna introduce you to a great friend of mine and partner in the business! He/She has a great story/ has a similar circumstance as you/ can answer your questions on that topic/ is young just like you/ is busy just like you, etc……”
        This way they have already committed and it’s just natural when I call! 
        • Wendy Bordelon Hoag Have you ever told your spouse, family, friends, etc. Something and they come back after hearing someone else say the samething you did and they now believe it? Its the same concept here! 
          23 hours ago · Like · 5
          Steven Keller Why do 3 ways work? You are liked but nit viewed as an expert. When you intro your prospect to someone who is an “expert” then the expert also is “liked.”
          23 hours ago · Like · 4
          Steven Keller 3ways help answer the four questions your prospect is asking themselves:
          Can I do this
          Will I get help

          Do I have the time
          Would I do this to my friends

        This is working GREAT for me lately.

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