Nerium AD sensitive skin

Some advice for sensitive skin people:

(Taken from a FB page)

Hi everyone! I just wanted to share something that is in regards to a thread on this page about some customers having a not so positive reaction to Nerium. A little back ground here, I am a salon owner and have been in the beauty industry for over 20 years. I see many people daily of all issues and all skin, healthy, and life problems. I have clients that have used the same hair color and skin care for years, and have then had a hormonal switch, went on medication, their internal chemical makeup has changed. I ask them a list of questions when something seems not right with them. I have had clients become allergic to things they have used for years and years! SO here are my questions I ask my Nerium Customers and prospects BEFORE I even give them the Nerium!!!! You DO NOT want their very first experience to be negative!!!!! If they do have sensitive skin, or they are on a hormonal spiral, stress, medications, etc, make sure you suggest they start out with ONE pump with water, and if they see redness OR tingle, they should do every other night. Start them off slow. After all we believe in this product and the company and we don’t want to look like our words are slurred because they have something going on internally  Here are my questions. Feel free to ask me anything via Message please. I will do my best to get back to you!
Talking to a potential customer/trial. Try and ask them most of these BEFORE they start. First question is for those that have used it a few times.
If you don’t mind, may I ask you a few questions? 1. Did you use this product every night, and if so did your face swell up the first night or after multiple applications? 2. How much product did you use at first? Approx. how many pumps or drops of the sample. 3. are you on any medication or supplements? Some medications make skin sensitive such as nerve medications and hormone replacements. 4. What is your cleanser? What do you typically use on your face besides Vaseline to wash? 5. Is there ANY other products that you are using during the day or throughout the day on your skin? In the salon I have many clients with allergies and sensitive skin, so I am used to asking a load of questions to insure their experience is positive. I also give suggestions to them on things to do at home in order for their scalps to not be angry come coloring time. If you don’t mind, here are my suggestions that have worked with anyone who has irritable/sensitive skin with the Nerium: I usually suggest people with sensitive skin start out with ONE to TWO pumps on a damp face. Sometimes I have customers use every other day until their skin gets adjusted. Please remember that the night cream will make your face tight like a mask. It is not to feel all moist and soft like a night cream. It is to help tighten your skin, treat and then rinsed the next morning. The other thing I suggest is to WASH your face the next morning. I know the directions say to rinse, however for those that have crabby skin, washing the next morning helps insure the product is completely off of the face. Wash your face then continue with your daily routine I have had only one customer that had an issue, and that is because she was on a nerve medication & something else, she also has had multiple Blue peels with the dermatologist because of sever sun damage. We adjusted her dose to use 1-2 pumps at night and every other day for a couple of weeks, then 1-2 pumps every day, now she is on 2 pumps and has seen great results. It took a little longer as she had to start slowly, but she is in love with the product! There are just some people that have extra sensitive skin and it’s a challenge for them to find the perfect skin products! I hope these suggestions work for you. Let me know how I can help you in anyway!


One response to “Nerium AD sensitive skin

  1. It’s the day cream that she got a very red face on. Not the night cream. What do I do.

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