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Nerium AD sensitive skin

Some advice for sensitive skin people:

(Taken from a FB page)

Hi everyone! I just wanted to share something that is in regards to a thread on this page about some customers having a not so positive reaction to Nerium. A little back ground here, I am a salon owner and have been in the beauty industry for over 20 years. I see many people daily of all issues and all skin, healthy, and life problems. I have clients that have used the same hair color and skin care for years, and have then had a hormonal switch, went on medication, their internal chemical makeup has changed. I ask them a list of questions when something seems not right with them. I have had clients become allergic to things they have used for years and years! SO here are my questions I ask my Nerium Customers and prospects BEFORE I even give them the Nerium!!!! You DO NOT want their very first experience to be negative!!!!! If they do have sensitive skin, or they are on a hormonal spiral, stress, medications, etc, make sure you suggest they start out with ONE pump with water, and if they see redness OR tingle, they should do every other night. Start them off slow. After all we believe in this product and the company and we don’t want to look like our words are slurred because they have something going on internally  Here are my questions. Feel free to ask me anything via Message please. I will do my best to get back to you!
Talking to a potential customer/trial. Try and ask them most of these BEFORE they start. First question is for those that have used it a few times.
If you don’t mind, may I ask you a few questions? 1. Did you use this product every night, and if so did your face swell up the first night or after multiple applications? 2. How much product did you use at first? Approx. how many pumps or drops of the sample. 3. are you on any medication or supplements? Some medications make skin sensitive such as nerve medications and hormone replacements. 4. What is your cleanser? What do you typically use on your face besides Vaseline to wash? 5. Is there ANY other products that you are using during the day or throughout the day on your skin? In the salon I have many clients with allergies and sensitive skin, so I am used to asking a load of questions to insure their experience is positive. I also give suggestions to them on things to do at home in order for their scalps to not be angry come coloring time. If you don’t mind, here are my suggestions that have worked with anyone who has irritable/sensitive skin with the Nerium: I usually suggest people with sensitive skin start out with ONE to TWO pumps on a damp face. Sometimes I have customers use every other day until their skin gets adjusted. Please remember that the night cream will make your face tight like a mask. It is not to feel all moist and soft like a night cream. It is to help tighten your skin, treat and then rinsed the next morning. The other thing I suggest is to WASH your face the next morning. I know the directions say to rinse, however for those that have crabby skin, washing the next morning helps insure the product is completely off of the face. Wash your face then continue with your daily routine I have had only one customer that had an issue, and that is because she was on a nerve medication & something else, she also has had multiple Blue peels with the dermatologist because of sever sun damage. We adjusted her dose to use 1-2 pumps at night and every other day for a couple of weeks, then 1-2 pumps every day, now she is on 2 pumps and has seen great results. It took a little longer as she had to start slowly, but she is in love with the product! There are just some people that have extra sensitive skin and it’s a challenge for them to find the perfect skin products! I hope these suggestions work for you. Let me know how I can help you in anyway!

Response to Bare Faced Truth Doc’s Nerium criticism

Lets start by posting what is left of “DR John’s” medical license. No wonder he is trying his hand at being a professional blogger.


If you can’t read it it says DR Joh David Sanderson surrendered his license to resolve a disciplinary action. (search Sanderson) I was told that it was the result of inappropriate sexual contact with a patient but have’t verified it.

First I would like to say I am under no delusion that this article will change the “Truth Doc’s” mind on Nerium. This article is for the person who is exploring Nerium and the almost “too good to be true” results the product seems to be getting. Like my friend Lisa Wray:


There is a definite theme in any article/blog bashing Nerium and it is an utter disdain for Network Marketing (aka MLM). It is important to understand that this  disdain or “world view” is the filter through which the authors judge/accept any information.

Here is a brief overview (my opinion) of network marketing as I see it (from 20 years experience). MLM is an incredibly efficient and effective tool for building a business and marketing a product. But it is this efficiency that also makes it very vulnerable to scam artists, unethical and manipulative people, etc. etc.. Chose the wrong company at the wrong time and it can be an esteem crushing, wallet emptying experience. I know from personal experience.


I also know from personal experience that if the right people start a company for the right reason it can be a life changing experience. These rare gems have radically changed my life, finances, friendships, leadership skills, health, etc. etc..  I’m so glad I endured the disappointing companies, learned from experience, and found the gems. Of these gems Nerium is so far radically outshining any I have come across. Before I committed I had the opportunity to ask the founder of Nerium some very personal questions over a 2 hour private lunch picture

Most people have one bad experience and make a label: “all MLM companies are…”  Once this judgement is made the brain simply filters out all information that doesn’t fit with this belief.

In this video I go through the Bare Faced Truth site in detail:

Also I went into a little more science behind Nerium AD on this blog post:

Here are the very basics:

The Bare Faced Truth Doc’s accuse Nerium of:

  1. being only interested in marketing an overpriced product
  2. having no science to back up the product
  3. knowingly marketing a product that is a proven toxin that causes inflammation
  4. photoshopping any and all before and after pictures
  5. not responding to any objections that they bring up
  6. buying the opinion of the Doctors on the video. etc. etc.

The facts are: (detailed in video)

  1. The Doc’s only give their first names
  2. Have professional credentials which are difficult if not impossible to verify
  3. Market their own product skincare product  (costs 2x as much as Nerium AD)
  4. Brag about the study on their product which consists of nothing more than a survey.
  5. say they are associated with research institutions but won’t name them.
  6. Ignore the science that shows the ingredients the NAE-8 actually reduce inflammation instead of cause it (see aesthetician blog post)
  7. Fail to mention that there are actually two types of Oleander. One very poisonous the other NOT.
  8. completely ignore and discount these two video’s and
  9. Fail to mention that NAE-8 is now a patented anti-oxidant. (polar opposite of something that causes inflammation)
  10. etc etc etc. See video

Here is an interview with my business partner.. She and her had 15 years each experience in high end medical aesthetic sales in Dallas. She was viciously opposed to Nerium until a doctor tried to sell her husband Nerium. Then she THOROUGHLY investigated it.

Here is a list of Doctors on our Scientific Advisory Board. They all still have their medical credentials 😉

Hope this helps.


Response to Licensed Esthetician Blasts Nerium AD ‘Secret’ Toxic Ingredient

So when I see a negative article/blog post about Nerium come up a couple times I usually craft a response.

Having a haughty, arrogant, fresh faced skin care “professional” write an article about Nerium when they don’t actually know anything about it is not unusual. When a “seasoned” journalist like Mike Taylor Sr. Editor at Newswire publishes it without fact checking it is sad. I guess being a “best selling author” is more important to him than journalistic integrity. Then again today “news” is just another word for cheap entertainment.

First a quick interview with my friend Emilia who has been an aesthetician for more than 40 years.

Her before and After:


I’m happy to publish any response in the comments from Mike Taylor or Rachel Sauer.

My Response:

“Condemnation without investigation is the height of arrogance!”

The most telling sentence in the whole “rant” is the last one:…”Anyone who thinks that what I do as an Esthetician is anything similar to what they do as a Nerium Consultant is a fool.”

I’m sure the fact that as a skincare novice I can get better results using one simple bottle on every customer than she is getting with her approach is not something she is willing to accept.

Arrogance has a stunningly consistent ability to close the mind off to any new information. Miss Sauer has clearly only done her investigation in an effort to prove her prejudice. In fact “investigation” may be a generous description. Really she has just parroted someone elses prejudiced web page and called it due diligence. If she had actually been interested in the truth she may have done several things:

1) Actually put the product on her skin to see what happens. Duh!

2) Watched Nerium’s own video on safety which would have informed her that there are actually 2 types of Oleander. The Yellow Oleander which her mother warned her about and Nerium Oleader which has never had any fatalities. That 300 bottles could be consumed by a 10kg infant without any toxicity, etc etc.

3) Had she actually done some investigation she would have found that the NAE-8 extract is actually the world’s first plant to plant PATENTED extraction process not some basic proprietary blend. Leading one Sr VP of a mulit-billion dollar pharmaceutical company to say that the dermal application alone of NAE-8 is worth more than all of his product pipeline combined. (sorry said VP of course not willing to put his name to that quote of course)

4) Had she done some actual investigation she would have found out that NAE-8 works by immuno-modulation. Turning on proper immune function. NOT by increasing inflammation which two hack doctor’s claim on their site. IN fact if you read her article far from doing hours and hours of research as she claimed she has just parroted these two imbeciles who are selling their own  product ($150/bottle)

5) Had she done her own research she would have found that the quote used to claim NAE-8 causes inflammation is taken out of context. One sentence says cancer cells were destroyed the next sentence says that healthy cells where left intact. For some reason the two hack doctors left the second part out. You see this type of response is what is supposed to happen when your immune system turns on.

6) Had she done some actual research she would have found that oligosacharides (the functional components in Aloe and Nerium Oleander) regulate the inflammatory process not increase it. And that pharmaceutical companies are spending 100’s of millions of dollars in an attempt to synthesize these amazing sugars. Basic biochemistry is not required to be an aesthetician I guess. Which it really shouldn’t.

Furthermore, Neruim oleander (order Gentianales) produces an XXXG-type xyloglucan that contains arabinosyl, galactosyl, and fucosyl residues. (the official government opinion)

  1. Anti-inflammatory action: Aloe vera inhibits the cyclooxygenase pathway and reduces prostaglandin E2 production from arachidonic acid. Recently, the novel anti-inflammatory compound called C-glucosyl chromone was isolated from gel extracts.8

7) Had she done some actual research she would have found out that the US Government has now classified NAE-8 as a patented anti-oxidant. I will make the assumption that she knows that an anti-oxidant’s role is to reduce inflammation not increase it.

8) Had she done her own research she would have seen the piles of impressive research that is doing.

9) Since she used the supposed failure of a cancer research trial to prove that NAE-8 doesn’t work on wrinkles I would assume that the skincare products that she personally uses have succeeded in their clinical trials for cancer. ?!?!?

10) Had she done some actual research she would have found that Nerium founder Jeff Olson had the prestigious ST&T research facility do clinical trials on the product using research parameters that exceed any product she is currently using in her practice.

11) Had she actually done some research and not been so arrogant maybe she would have talked to skin care professionals with VASTLY more experience than she has (how old is this girl anyway) with actual experience using the product. One friend has 40 years experience as an aesthetician, another formulates skin care products for doctors, another has 26 years experience with many awards two her name, another gentleman who owns 78 medical spas, and a husband and wife team with a successful career selling lasers, botox, injectables, and medical grade skincare to doctors. Sadly arrogance is often the curse of youth.

12) Had she done her own research she would have attended a meeting and found a group of happy loving caring sharing people who care more about other people’s success with the product than their own paycheck. (Not that I am sounding very loving and caring at the moment…)

13) Had she thought for her self she might have wondered why the company could sell $100 million their first year and $300 million their second year with a product that actually doesn’t work. Especially if they set expectations very high, beg everyone to take before and after pictures, give a money back guarantee and give away $42 million dollars worth of product for free to be used as samples.

14) Had she she actually been open minded she would have wondered why more and more celebrities are endorsing the product for free.

15) I wonder what she thinks of all of these highly qualified Doctors who have joined our medical advisory board and attached their reputation to Nerium?

Etc. Etc. Etc.

“All truth passes through three stages. First, it is ridiculed. Second, it is violently opposed. Third, it is accepted as being self-evident.”

Arthur Schopenhauer

Rant Over

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