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Sugar craving solution

So if you are a fan of Jorge Cruise’s Belly Fat Cure (or any other low carb diet) you know that if you reduce your sugar intake and increase exercise you’ll have that healthy fit body you’ve always wanted. But what happens if sugar cravings are getting the upper hand and you don’t have the energy to go to the gym.

This life long cookie monster thinks I’ve found a solution for myself and I’m excited to share it with you.

I don’t know if anyone can sympathize but for most of my life I have loved sugar. For much of my life I didn’t pay much of a price. Here is a picture of me from college where my body fat was under 7%. I didn’t just have a 6 pack I had an 8 pack.

The problem is that sugar hasn’t loved me back, especially since I turned 40.

To avoid sugar in the past I would have to:
1) never have it in the house
2) do excessive cardio (> 3 hrs a day) to reduce cravings
3) make myself accountable to others
4)do a three day fruit flush detox to reduce the initial cravings
5)etc. etc.

In in the last 3 years the belly fat has been creeping up on me. It seemed like a losing battle that I was getting closer and closer to giving up on.

Fortunately for the last 15 years I have been marketing high end nutritional supplements and have had the good fortune to meet a lot of brilliant people. DR Cheryl Townsley ND has been an especially helpful mentor. She and her husband Forest owned a million dollar a year clinic and she has sold over 250,000 books on health and nutrition. She is the personal coach for Bruce Barleans. Who owns a 60 million dollar a year high end nutritional supplement compnay. Jorge Cruise promotes many of the Barleans products.

In October 2008 she and her husband Forest introduced me to a company called MAX International. Recently this company introduced a technology called RiboCeine in a product called MAX ATP. Marketed as a healthy energy shot, this product has many benefits. For me I have more energy, my sugar cravings are gone, and I am happily going to the gym where I am getting awesome results.

For example on the 4th of July our church had a picnic. There was a whole table for dessert. Usually I would have gorged myself. Instead I had half a cookie and was generally uninterested. Wow, a new experience for me.

This product dramatically increases ATP production (the primary fuel for each cell) and each cell now has healthy energy to full fill its role in the body.

Here is a link for more information where you can try just 4 days worth of the product so you can see and feel what it does for you.

Here’s to you making all your fitness goals come true this year.