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Weight-loss made easier with Emotional Coaching

Ever wonder why weight-loss and exercise is so easy for some people and so hard for others? People often have emotional set points regarding their weight and health that they are unaware of. When an effort is made to move away from these set points tension is created to pull them back to their comfort zone.

This short video discusses how Emotional Coaching can identify these set points and remove or change them so that it becomes much easier to make the changes necessary to have the healthy body you want.

“Power versus Force” review of DR David Hawkins book

This book has been life changing for me. Well maybe I should be more specific. Not just the book but the practical application of the book.

My friend and mentor Dr Cheryl Townsley introduced me to the book recently. She has been instrumental in teaching me much of what I know about emotional coaching.

DR Hawkins book describes something called a map of consciousness. And explains the difference between operating from power versus operating from Force.

Here is the document itself: map_of_consciousness_color

Although DR Hawkins feels it can be difficult to make significant changes in your level of consciousness, Dr Townsley shared with me a few simple techniques that provide quick and life changing changes.

Here is a short video review that I did of the book:

If you are curious I am happy to do a free 20 minute coaching session to test your initial level of consciousness and explain the basic technique.

Here’s to you living a powerful life 🙂



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