Monthly Archives: December 2009

Better deeper sleep through glutathione

In the past year I have been amazed at how many people don’t sleep well. I suppose while all of you people have been tossing and turning I’ve been fast asleep. Although for me waking up refreshed was another issue. I suppose I just need to do a liitle research to find out that sleeping medications are a huge business. With Ambien alone doing $2 billion dollars in annual sales.

In Septmeber 2008 my friend called to tell me about a new supplement that helped increase glutathione in you body. Since he was a good friend and he and his wife had owned a million dollar a year naturopathic practice in Denver I decided to check it out.
After watching a short video, my mother (sitting on the couch behind me) said she wanted to try it. Why I asked? She said that she didn’t sleep well and none of her friends did either. I called my friend back and had him send her some product. Within in days she was raving about how well she was sleeping. In the past year of sharing this product with other’s I have seen this benefit over and over again.

So the question is why? I will share my educated guess with you since there doesn’t seem to be any conclusive research in this area.