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Dog swallows entire chicken leg quarter whole

Feed your dog raw chicken bones? Most people would say you aren’t supposed to do that, but assumptions are usually wrong.

Feeding your pets a RAW or BARF (Biologically appropriate raw food, bones and raw food) diet is one of the best things you can do for them.

My dog had horrible room clearing gas on the most expensive dog food available (Innova Evo). I’m sure its good food, but the raw is so much better. No more gas, amazing coat, and a happy dog. I have also been feeding my new puppy (Pitt, Dogo Argentino, Catahoula mix)a RAW diet since I got him in August.

Here are some more pictures of my dogs:

Which antioxidant companies are scamming you?

So you know you need to take some sort of supplement. And everyone is always talking about how fabulous their antioxidant is . So how do you know which one is actually worth your money.

Let me share some of what I have learned over the past 15 years of knowing some of the sharpest scientific and medical minds in the country (hopefully I absorbed some wisdom purely by osmosis). I have also managed to raise three children with ZERO visits to the doctor for illness.

Here is a little perspective. Your body produces 4 endogenous (meaning your body makes them) antioxidants. They are the most important antioxidants known. Of these Glutathione is the most important. The other three are: Superoxide dismutase (SOD), Alpha lipoic acid (ALA), and coenzyme Q10 (CoQ10).When an antioxidant supplement works it typically produces results by indirectly increasing 1 or these 4 endogenous antioxidants.

So how do you see through all the massive amount of marketing hype on which supplement is best for your body?

First do not accept testimonials exclusively as a measurement of product effectiveness. Dramatic changes in health can be realized by simply drinking more water.

Second do not accept “scientific proof” that focuses on raw ingredients of a product instead of the product itself. Raw ingredients are very sensitive to processing. The finished product may have nothing to do with the cool research. This is what I call “borrowed science.”

Also do not be fooled by high ORAC (Oxygen Radical Absorbance Capacity) numbers. This is a score thrown around by many marketers. What they don’t tell you is that ORAC test gives false numbers for many berries and the original test only scores for water soluble areas of the cell. Also the process of combining raw ingredients that are good separate can produce a product that actually produces free radical damage.

Here is an example of a product that does everything wrong.

Third look for products that have studies showing that the product works in humans using a double blind study.

Here is an example.

Protandim shows that it can increase two of your bodies antioxidants SOD by 30% and Catalse by 54% in 120 days and decrease a measurement of aging by 40%. Pretty good stuff.

So how does a product like MAX GXL compare? MAX GXL gets your body to increase its production of Glutathione.

It is important to understand that Glutathione is the most important of your bodies endogenous antioxidants. So an increase in Glutathione is more important that an increase in SOD etc.

In this study

MAX GXL increased Glutathione levels inside the cells by almost 300% in 60 days as well as decreasing your bodies main cause or contributor to any disease associated with aging (inflammation) by 60% as well as increasing 2 important biological hormonal markers of youth and vitality by 40 and 46%. (important note: GXL does not contain glutathione but instead gets your body to produce it)

So the results? Half the time and almost 600 percent better results. Any questions?

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Solving your pets emotional issues

Is your pet acting crazy and making your life miserable? Here is a potentially easy and effective solution

Anyone who knows me knows I am a complete nut for my dogs. Many of my friends are starting to call me “the dog whisperer.”They also know that I like some cutting edge alternative therapies and modalities (or weird, nutty, scary etc depending on your perspective). Personally I have always been willing to try many things and see if they actually work.

About 2 years ago, after playing around with a few techniques, I started formally doing “emotional coaching.” at my friends insistence. It involved using several techniques that the average person can learn. It can be simply described as a method of identifying and resetting the energy of certain emotions, with the idea that some experiences can blow a fuse emotionally. If you can accurately identify the exact emotional issue (using this and this) you can also easily reset it. (Using this and/or

I had a blast using it on friends and family. It was especially fun to accurately tell people what their issues were instead of them telling you what the problem was. I told one friend that he had a trapped emotion of overwhelm from when he was 23 and he explained that it was the first time he killed someone in the military. When we released this emotion, the change in his life was significant and dramatic.

But how does this apply to animals? Let me give you an example. About 6 months ago my sister got another golden retriever to keep her other golden company. She called me distressed because the dog was driving her a little crazy. I did some testing for her dog over the phone. I told her I thought her dog had a heart wall emotion of jealousy from 2 years ago, and released it for him. I had no idea if this was accurate and neither did she. I told her to keep me posted on how the dog was doing. Several days later she called to say that not only was the dog doing much better but she had a talk with the previous owner. She asked the owner what the dogs history was and the owner replied that their daughter had gotten a little fluffy dog 2 years previously and quit paying attention to the golden retriever that my sister now owned. Very strange and very cool at the same time. I also used this technique on a friend’s mastiff who was scared of strangers. She is now doing much better.

To recap these techniques can be easily learned if you have an aptitude for this sort of thing. First buy this book. If you have a hard time learning the “muscle testing” techniques in the book you may need to use this method. For additional fine tuning I use EFT and there is a massive amount of free resources available here.

If learning and applying this seems overwhelming, I am also available for consultation.
Please see my coaching website:

Reviews from past clients can be seen here.

Failed in MLM and think its your fault? Think again…

**Important update as of Dec 2010. The world economic slump has rocked the MLM industry. By some account it lost 40% of its volume in 2009. Most companies are currently asking themselves how they can survive. One company I know of asked what they could do to thrive. As a result they made some major changes and since January 2010 have grown 350%. For more information visit Based on my experience in the last 30 days it certainly feels like we are surfing with a great wave.


Imagine successfully doing MLM/network marketing is like surfing. You see some old surfing video or talk to some people who have done it and you decide you are gonna go for it. You buy the same surfboard they had, take lessons just like they did, and go to the exact same spot in the movies and the stories. You go out in the water and paddle around like crazy all day and never get up on your board. From the beach you can hear the person who talked you into trying to surf yelling at you: “keep paddling, keep going, you only fail if you quit…”

At the end of the day you go back to the beach feeling like a total loser, especially since some of the advice you got was simply to never ever give up. When you get on the beach a bystander asks you what you were doing. You tell them of all your big surfing dreams and of how bad you feel because surfing didn’t work for you. Your new friend laughs and says: “Didn’t you notice that aren’t ANY waves out there today. At this time of year you can’t surf here. You have to go to the other side of the island.” The next day you do that and have an awesome day of surfing. What was once hard has now become relatively easy and fun.

In network marketing you need a wave of very strong growth (at least 25-30% a year preferably that much a month). Without the wave it is nearly impossible for mere mortals to be successful.

Here’s the ugly truth of network marketing. The majority of people joining MLM’s are joining them after the “wave” of growth is over. They are being recruited by and cheered on by people who joined at the right time, and are making great money as a result. These same people wouldn’t themselves rejoin the company with the current rate of growth. Sadly the golden handcuffs blind them from the truth of what they are doing.

Network Marketing can be an awesome experience if all of the key factors for growth are in place. Especially the wave of growth. I am astonished that so many people join companies without bothering to find out if the company is experiencing positive growth in their market.

“the truth will set you free….”