Steven and Samara with Napali in background

Steven and Samara with Napali Hawaii  in background

Thanks for visiting my BLOG. My name is Steven Keller and I am blessed to have been married to Samara for almost 16 years. We have 3 amazing kids and a fluffy siberian named Pocahontas. We live in Austin Texas.

I graduated from UC Davis with a degree in International Economic and Business German. My main career focus has been in holistic health. Currently I am doing a lot of holistic stress coaching and building a business with Nerium International.

We would love to hear from you. You can call or text me on my cell phone: 817-729-3017. Also connect with us on http://www.facebook.com/steventothemax

My website for my coaching is here: http://www.kellerhealingartscenter.com

My life’s passion and purpose is to help people in unique and effective ways.


10 responses to “About

  1. I use CLEAR (a combination of EFT & EMDR) and find it an amazing healing tool for both mind and body. Thanks for the recomendation of Glutathione. Will check that out.

  2. Hi Steve — really enjoyed your video. I have recently discovered the Emotion Code, & am trying to see how to incorporate it into my healng practice.
    I loved the Map of Consciousness & would like to ask where I may obtain a copy? Keep up the good work. Best Wishes, Jan

  3. Steve,
    Your info on utube was interesting. I am familar with Hawkins books and chart of consciousness. I know eft somewhat and the test yourself looks intersting to. Maybe I can learn from you how to use that stick and the chart from the emotional code book.
    The stuff you do is interesting. What are your fees for sessions?

    George S. Allen massageheals@cheerful.com

  4. You have a beautiful family!!! But I`m realy love your cow, so sweet!!!

    Claudette Batalha from Brasil!!!
    big hugs and please too meet you!!

  5. Hello Steven,
    So glad to connect with you. I am an emotion coach in St Augustine Fl., certified Emotion Code and several others. Greatest passion is helping people achieve authenticity….without fear. Really appreciate the work of Dr Hawkins and would like to be a voice of these combined works. How can we schedule a skype session? Thank you for your work and for putting it out there.
    Liggett M Cato

  6. blair hendricks

    is dr reg doing the new eden or max now?

  7. blair hendricks

    thanks! i often wonder about him, where are the unclebacks now?

  8. blair hendricks

    back later, have to drive to austin from san antonio

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